Delivery X

Never Deliver Alone.

Delivery X, the first Sharing delivery platform in the Middle East serving restaurants and multiple industries.

  • Restaurants

  • Online Store

  • Super Market

  • Pharmacy

  • Electronic

  • Stationary

Benefits of being a Delivery X partner

The DeliveryX application allows all customers in Egypt to solve delivery problems and reduce the cost of delivery to facilities.

No Hiring And Follow-Up Headache.

Great Delivery Prices For Your Project.

Over 1000 Riders And Growing Serving Your Project.

Keep your customer happy with the highest quality of delivery.

Delivery X Application

How it works ?

Register your order through the Delivery X platform

Search for a delivery representative within 15 - 20 minutes

Follow Your Requests And Deliver Them With Love For Customers

Why do you work with Delivery X ?

  • Medical Insurance

  • Accident Insurance

  • Mainly Salary

  • Special Bonuses

Download Driver Application